Aerodymatic™ Steam Effect

Birket’s patented Aerodymatic™ technology produces exceptional steam effects with great efficiency and easy maintenance. It redefines the end users’ experience with responsible, sustainable delivery methods that provide cost benefits to the customer.

Aerodymatic™ technology utilizes  aerodynamic compressible gas to provide motive energy. Steam ejects at atmospheric pressure and uses the resultant kinetic energy of the combined mass flow to draw in additional atmospheric air, expanding the volume of discharged gas.

It also uses the potential energy of compressed air/gas that is stored indefinitely inside a pressure vessel without any additional energy to maintain. 

Our technology allows for close contact with the effect without the hazard of high temperature steam, creating a heightened experience while maintaining a safe environment for the audience.

What makes the new Aerodymatic™ Steam Effect stand out?

Compared to a conventional steam effect system, Birket’s patented Aerodymatic™ technology offers the following BENEFITS:

  • Uses only 25% of energy compared to a traditional steam system
  • Boilerless steam generator
    • Discharged steam is safe to touch, even at close proximity of the discharge nozzle
    • Steam is not pressurized so there’s no risk of high pressure and high temperature steam discharge towards audience or crew
  • 70% less heat and moisture released into the environment
  • Better visual effects due to higher opacity steam plumes
  • Frequency hiss noise reduced to below 600Hz compared to traditional high-pressured systems that peak at around 8,500Hz
  • Easy and low maintenance cost of equipment
  • Minimal facility impact
  • Base system similar in size to a refrigerator
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