Throughout the years, Birket has had the privilege of working on amazing projects. Some we can highlight while others are IP projects which we cannot mention. Here are a few projects we have worked on, some of which have won THEA awards.

The Wishing Tree, Rosemary Square, West Palm Beach

Palm Beach County Judicial Center, Palm Beach County, Florida

Waterworld: A Live Sea War Spectacular

Transformers: The Ride 3D

Crane Dance, Resorts World Sentosa

World of Color, Disney California Adventure Park

Resembling a 26-foot-tall banyan, the Wishing Tree is an epic light sculpture of 100,000 individually programmable LEDs embedded in 10,000 leaves. Birket upgraded the entire lighting control system, providing real-time remote tablet control for endless visual experiences. The new system combines robust off-the-shelf hardware and custom outdoor-use signal processing electronics with built-in safety shutoffs to provide greatly increased reliability. The Birket scope included design, assembly, and on-site commissioning with the owner team.
Security system obsolescence upgrade, 2019
Security system design, assembly, and installation, 1994

Birket Engineering designed, installed, and later upgraded the security system to control and monitor the 874,499 sq.ft. complex. The system secures the Central Energy Plant, the State’s Attorney/Public Defender building, and the twelve-story courthouse with its prisoner holding areas, county offices, 32 courtrooms, 11 hearing rooms, judge’s offices, and helipad. The system controls and monitors 287 cameras, 405 card readers, 215 intercom stations, 81 motion detectors, 210 panic buttons, 723 doors, and 62 man-down units, totaling over 2,500 peripheral devices and 13,000 input/output points of information.
Universal Studios Beijing, 2021
Universal Studios Singapore, 2010
Universal Studios Japan, 2001
Universal Studios Hollywood, 1995

Birket Engineering designed, assembled, and commissioned the show control systems for every Waterworld installation. The system directs all pyro, gas, and lighting effects, and provides show area environmental monitoring and communication with every other show sub-system. Delivered equipment includes a show supervisor cabinet, operator consoles, sub-system controllers, and distribution boxes. Controlled effects include show action equipment, water cannons, water bullet hits, dust hits, gas flame and pyrotechnics, a collapsing tower, and an untethered seaplane launch.
Universal Studios Beijing, 2021
Universal Studios Florida, 2013
Universal Studios Hollywood, 2012
Universal Studios Singapore, 2011
Birket Engineering designed, built, and commissioned the Ride Show Supervisor and Show Control Systems for all four installations. A 3D glasses anti-theft system was designed and built for the USF installation.
Resorts World Sentosa, 2010

Perhaps the world’s largest show action equipment installation, this mega-scale show consists of two steel crane structures, each weighing 80 tons and standing 100ft tall. The cranes are powered by four giant hydraulic power units totaling nearly 5,000 hp. The delivered control system allows the two birds to safely interact in life-like, high-speed motions synchronized with music, lighting, video, pyrotechnics and water effects.
Lighting obsolescence upgrade, 2021

Birket Engineering designed and built over 300 underwater LED stainless-steel fixtures to create an elegant single-color effect as part of this astounding spectacle. Birket worked with owner lighting designers to provide custom 32-channel dimmers, seamlessly integrating with the legacy system.