Nicolas de Galleani

Asia Financial Director

"The harder I work, the luckier I get."

Nicolas joined Birket in 2014 after having moved to China. He studied finance and business management and worked in an audit company before meeting Glenn Birket and joining Birket Engineering. He now manages accounting operations for Birket’s Asia offices, providing reliable financial data and analysis for the betterment of Birket. Nicolas enjoys his day-to-day because he works with people from different cultures and is able to become familiar with foreign languages.

In addition to handling accounting for our Asia offices, Nicolas works hand-in-hand with our CFO managing accounting operations for our sister company, Firelinx. He is a great asset to the Firelinx team!

In his free time, Nicolas enjoys sailing his boat from place to place in the beautiful South of France. When he’s not sailing, you can find him at a gym boxing!

Jiang ShanKun

Engineering Manager

At Birket, you will find ShangKun Jiang working on RCS and RSS systems for different attractions, in addition to helping team members in our Shanghai office complete their designs and commissioning work.

He enjoys traveling to work in new fields, meeting new friends, learning local cultures and tasting local food. At times, traveling keeps him from away from his family, but seeing guests satisfaction at theme parks makes the experience worth the while!

One of ShangKun’s high school teachers once told him, “It is never too late to start working correctly.”

This quote impacted ShangKun tremendously, and is the driving force for him to make improvements when something unsuitable is discovered.

Zhuo "Julia" Shen

China Accounting & Office Manager

"A good beginning is half done.”

Julia is the Accounting Manager, head of Human Resources, and Office Manager for Birket’s Shanghai office. 

Zhuo came to Birket with 20 years experience in finance, HR and administrative management. In addition, she has earned the Certified Management Accounting designation from The Institute of Certified Management Accountants.

Sunny Sun

Sourcing Manager

Sunny Sun is the Production Technical Specialist and Sourcing Specialist for Birket Engineering since 2013. She is responsible for supervising control system production, coordinating among engineers, factories, and sourcing for any products needed.

Sunny enjoys working at Birket because she loves the joy that theme parks bring to people, and every project she works on means a fun and thrilling opportunity for the team.

Sunny’s biggest joys out of life are reading and traveling; they allow her to learn different worlds both in real life and in her imagination!

YaNan Li

Logistics Manager

"Big things start small.”

At Birket, YaNan works on logistical solutions for projects that involve cross-border transactions.

She spends her days conducting import and export shipment management, planning, and executing deliverable movement, and establishing the internal procedures for logistics operations.

In addition to all of that, Lyndi also participates in project management planning, monitoring phases, coordination, and communicates among stakeholders to ensure smooth operation.

In her spare time, YaNan enjoys reading and exploring beyond the pages of books by traveling!

Liren Gu

Product Manager
LiRen joined Birket in 2015, and throughout the years, he’s worn many hats and has been an invaluable asset. His focus is quality inspection and control of all materials; including replacements and returns; but you will find him simultaneously ensuring inventory accuracy, confirming delivery timelines, conducting factory inspections, supplier negotiations, and demand analysis.

Micey Chen

Project Manager

Micey joined Birket Engineering in 2015 with prior experience in project management and the automotive industry. Since joining Birket, she’s worked in Sales & Marketing and Project Management. In her role as Project Manager, Micey assists with quoting, coordinating, and managing Birket’s engineering and lighting projects.

Micey is also an essential asset to Birket’s sister company, Firelinx Limited, assisting with product production. Additionally, Micey is Birket’s Specialty Lighting division’s Channel Distribution Specialist, developing, and maintaining local distributors. She always sustains a positive attitude and is eager and happy to help her team.

Tianjiao Zhao

Technical Project Manager

“Mastery of work comes from diligent application, neglect the lessons of study lie in the joy of playing- (业精于勤,而荒于嬉)”

Overseeing and driving the successful completion of technical-focused projects is Tianjiao’s primary responsibility.

Tianjiao joined Birket with a background in electrical engineering in the metallurgy industry; however, his major is automation in production. His true passion is seeing the smiling faces of park guests while they visit theme parks; this motivates him to continue to work hard every day.

During his free time, you can find Tianjiao making memories with his friends, playing basketball, swimming, and learning how to play the guitar!

Parker Liu

Senior Engineer

"There is no royal road to learning"

Before joining Birket Engineering, Parker worked in various industry automation fields such as industrial robot application and electric drive system solution. At Birket, he’s a control system engineer that designs both hardware and software control systems.

Parker enjoys what he does and is fully engaged in the theme park industry. He cherishes the moments he gets to spend at theme parks and in his free time, you’ll find him jogging or playing soccer with his friends.

John Chen

Senior Engineer

After graduating from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, John began his career as an electrical design engineer. Eleven years later, John continues to lend his talents to site commissioning, installation guidance, and training on some of the world’s best-known attractions.

His favorite part about working for Birket is bringing happiness to everyone through his work at theme parks!

Dean Liu

Senior Engineer

“I may not be the best, but I can be the most successful.”

Dean joined Birket Engineering with several years of experience in electrical automation. He now focuses on ride and show control systems and assists in hardware design, factory acceptance testing, site acceptance testing, installation supervision and site commissioning. 

Dean’s joy comes from grand openings of theme parks he’s worked on. This fulfills him and provides motivation towards the next project.

In his free time, Dean enjoys playing soccer or having a relaxing day fishing.

Bob Wang

Senior Engineer

“Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.”

On any given day at Birket, you will find Bob focusing on control system hardware design, technical documentation creation, acceptance tests writing, and site installation supervision.

Coming from a completely different line of work before joining Birket, Bob feels accomplished knowing how proud his family is, especially his daughter, knowing he’s a theme park engineer; that and seeing the joy he brings to everyone visiting theme parks.

When Bob is not working, you will find him playing ping-pong and spending time with his family.

Jian Li


Li Jian joined the Birket team in 2015, since then, he’s a active member of the entertainment engineering team.

He joined our team with several years of experience in automation production line system design, and commissioning. He now spends his days working on hardware design, software design, project documentation, FSM production, and is a great asset to our sister company, Firelinx Limited.

Li Jian is incredibly proud of the projects he’s had the privilege to work on and enjoys the positive atmosphere of his team at Birket.

Chong "neo" Liu


"Make the world a better place"

Since joining the Birket team in 2015, Neo has been a involved in all project phases, from hardware design through site commissioning. He has a strong understanding of software and hardware applications and enjoys every aspect of his day-to-day projects. During his time at Birket, Chong has learned to love the theme park industry and enjoys making “magic” happen.

In his free time, Chong likes to keep busy. If he’s not playing video games or playing the acoustic guitar, you can find him traveling with friends and family, enjoying the pleasures of life, one bite at a time! Most recently, he’s been learning how to snowboard!

Yang Bo

Senior Engineer

“There is nothing you can’t do, only things you don't want to do.”

Since joining Birket, Bo’s day-to-day focuses on hardware design, site debugging, installation guidance, HMI, and PLC software. He believes our work brings so much happiness to others and that makes him proud of what he does. One of Bo’s favorite part of working at Birket is site debugging, bringing different equipment and skills together as a team to make things work perfectly.

In his spare time, you will find Bo playing billiards, working one game at a time to become a better opponent.

Chang Xie


"Do as you would be done by.”

Chang Xie has worked as a Senior Accountant in our Shanghai office for twelve years. She majored in Finance Management and graduated from Lixin University of Accounting and Finance with a Bachelor of Management. She is also recognized for earning the Certified Management Accountant designation.

Arella Zhang


"A thousand-mile journey is started by taking the first step."

Arella joined Birket as a junior accountant. She graduated from Linxin University of Accounting and Finance receiving a bachelor’s degree in accounting. In 2021, Arella was accepted into the Master of Juris in Tongii University.

She enjoys working at Birket and likes to maintain a harmonious relationship with all team members.