SLC to Modem Configuration

BY Steven Eckwielen, October 1997

This is the setup information for connecting a modem to a Allen-Bradley SLC 500. We have tested this setup with a 14,400 and a 57k USRobotics modem. The Modem to SLC cable is a standard off the shelf 25-to-9 pin serial cable.

Modem DIP Settings

SLC Communications Setup

1 DN DTR Override Computer/Terminal Address 7
2 UP Verbal Result Codes HW Type S/03,S/04,CH0,1770-KF3,1747-K3
3 DN Display Result Codes Online Wait for Reply Timeout 15 seconds
4 UP Echo Offline Command Communication Port COM1
5 UP Auto Answer Baud 9600
6 UP Carrier Detect Normal Parity None
7 DN Load Factory Settings Error Checking Mode CRC
8 UP Dumb Mode Protocol Full Duplex
Dial Yes

CH0 Sys

Communication Driver DF1 Full Duplex
Baud Rate 9600
Stop Bits 1
Duplicate Packet Detection Enabled
ACK Timeout (x20ms) 50
Control Line No Handshaking
Source ID 9
Parity None
Error Detection CRC
Max Retries 3
ENQ Retries 3
Embedded Response Enabled