How to follow NFPA 1126: Use of Pyrotechnics before a Proximate Audience and Get Hurt Anyway
— David Crater, Spring 2005 Birket Engineering News

Treasure Island Pyro Story
— Glenn Birket, October 2004

Safe Flame – Fire on Stage or Stage on Fire?
— Daniel Birket, May 2002

Fire When Ready – A Pyro-Electric Safety Primer
— Daniel Birket, February 2002

Wolf! – Meaningful Messages and Alarming Alarms
— Daniel Birket, January 2002

Silent Death – Protecting Against Undetected Failures
— Daniel Birket, December 2001

Safety Interlocks Not Always a Good Idea
— Birket Engineering News, Jan/Feb 1994


Lord Kelvin Never Saw The Light (Understanding Color Temperature)
— Tom King, 2012

Photometry of Strobes
— Glenn Birket, 2004

Strobes v Epilepsy
— Glenn Birket, 2003


Save/Load a Panelview from a ATA Flashdisk
— Steven Eckwielen, November 1999

Panelview 1400 to an Okidata Serial Printer
— Steven Eckwielen, October 1999

SLC to Modem Configuration
— Steven Eckwielen, October 1997


Fire Show Controls Designer Must Consider Every Possibility
— Birket Engineering News, May/June 1995

E-Stop Resetting Strategies
— Birket Engineering News, Sept/Oct 1994

Current vs. Voltage Mode Signals
— Birket Engineering News, July/Aug 1994

Control Panels and Electrical Enclosures
— Birket Engineering News, Jan/Feb 1994

I/O, I/O, It’s Off to Work We Go…
— Birket Engineering News, July/Aug 1993

Concerning Frequency of Operation in Interlock Design
— Birket Engineering News, May/June 1993

Design Guidelines for Safety Critical Systems
— Birket Engineering Standards, 1993


— Birket Engineering Cookbook

Push-On, Push-Off Toggle
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Simple Response Check in Ladder Logic
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Simplifying Ladder Logic
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— Birket Engineering Cookbook

Writing Ladder Logic Using the Fail-Safe Convention
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