Question РI was wondering what is the power requirement of a typical control system?

The power requirement for the actual CONTROL system is very small compared to the power for the motors that move the vehicle. All of the control power typically comes from one central control cabinet. We usually ask for one standard 120 VAC, 20 Amp circuit, so that would be 2.4KVA, which in this case is very close to 2.4KW. We probably only use 50% to 70% of that.

The more interesting power number is for the motors. I think you said you are using LIMs. I don’t know the numbers myself, but I know that they are very inefficient. For an estimate, I’d start by calculating the energy/time required to achieve the acceleration and speed that you need and then figure that the motors are about 40% to 50% efficient. I’m guessing at the efficiency.

Important considerations on LIM systems have included sizing the feed from the power company and selecting a transformer for the building that is adequate for the high current and in-rush demands of the motors, so that the voltage does not dip as the vehicle is accelerating. I don’t know the details of this issue because this was handled by another company. Power factor correction is also a big issue, but again, its not my area. Lets see, motors are inductive so current lags, so they add capacitors (lots of big ones in this case) to correct the power factor. If this is important to you, you can ask a power engineer.