Question РWould you be able to provide me with specific examples of how hydraulics and pneumatics are used in amusement park rides? I am conducting research for a science text book.

There are many examples. Some include:

1. Position control of the many new styles of motion simulators. This technology is “borrowed” from the military and aviation simulation. This is typically hydraulics rather than pneumatics.

2. Roller coaster brakes (pneumatics) to pinch a fin beneath a vehicle to slow or stop it

3. Load/Unload gates and ramps are positioned with either pneumatics or hydraulics

4. “Animated figures” and moving props called “show action equipment”. For example the gorilla in the King Kong attraction, or the falling wall at the Wild West Stunt show.

5. “Boat Stops” in water rides, used to hold boats in the flume to achieve the proper spacing between boats are typically actuated by pneumatics.