Question РI am in 11th grade and am writing an English paper on roller coasters. Could you give me some information on the costs of building and marketing a rollercoaster?

Often people think we build rides. We control rides. We are one link down the food chain from coaster manufacturers. We contract to owners (Disney, Universal, Six Flags, Paramount) or ride manufacturers (Premier Rides, Vekoma, Set Point, Togo, for example) to provide a system to control their rides and keep them safe.

The control system is just the electrical hardware and software the keeps the ride or show going smoothly without anybody or anything getting hurt. Picture it as an enormous Keebler Cookie factory with a bunch of conveyors and motors except it isn’t cookies going through the assembly line it is people being processed through the factory.

I say all this just to explain what we do. I can give you some ball park costs on controlling a ride, but not building or marketing one.

Price varies with complexity and whether you are designing, installing, or both. In real round numbers, a control system for a kiddie ride could be designed and installed for around $50k or less, a coaster for $200k-300k, and a more complex motion base attraction for over $300k. Every situation is unique.

Look up some of the manufacturers or owners for other kinds of costs. Write me back if you want to talk about some other idea.

Thanks for writing.