Birket Engineering was lucky enough to have several hands in the creation of Universal Studios Hollywood’s latest heart thumping, adrenaline rushing, scream inducing experience. This apocalyptic attraction brings to life the hit show and makes you extra glad we live in a world without zombies. With awesome special effects, impeccable artistry, and the most gruesome and frightening theme, it is guaranteed to be a fan favorite.

Ride show supervisor and Master Animation Control System

Birket Engineering’s specialty is anything to do with life safety. What is more life threatening than zombies? For Walking Dead, Birket Engineering designed the Ride Show Supervisor and Master Animation Control System to work together to integrate all the audio, video, lighting, and animations, bringing you a terrifying guest experience. Birket helps make sure that guests only go where guests are safe to go. Last thing we need is a guest to get bit and the zombie outbreak to spread!

Specialty Lighting Xenon Strobes

Birket specialty lighting offers a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes for specialty lighting. In Walking Dead you will find 38 of our SB-002QD Xenon strobes. These Xenon strobes flash to enhance the scene’s effects. As the gunshots fire, the Xenon strobes pop with gusto creating a realistic firing effect. 5 controllers are spread throughout the scene so that the effects follow you throughout your escape.