Alcorn, Birket, and Christie’s – Themed Entertainment Industry

One month ago, we had the pleasure of exhibiting our products alongside our industry partners, Alcorn McBride and Christie Digital at Universal’s Sapphire Falls at an event named the ABC’s (for Alcorn, Birket, and Christie). This fantastic event was open to the Themed Entertainment Industry over the course of two days. With company presentations and non-stop demos, it was a fast-paced and exciting environment.

We at Birket were thrilled to get in front of the industry and fully lay out all that we do. Many people know us for one or more of our specialties, however our breadth is often greater than most realize.

Specializing in life-safety hardware and software control systems, Birket designs and builds:

  • Ride Control Systems
  • Show Control Systems
  • Integration Services
  • Specialty Lighting Systems
    • Custom Lighting
    • Costume Lighting
    • Xenon Strobe Systems
    • LED Strobe Systems
      • NEW – Daisy chained strobe system that allows you to individually control each light whether it is RGB or single color
    • Firelinx – Safe, Reliable, and Wireless Pyrotechnic Controls
    • Lighted Retail Products
    • NEW – Caption Glasses.

Our production facilities in Winter Garden FL and Shanghai provide our industry’s most cost-effective solution such as build-to-print jobs.

Recently we partnered with USDrobotics for exclusive rights to leading edge drone technology for the entertainment industry.

Needless to say, our reach is far across this industry and we were able to strut our stuff at this ABC show.

For more information on all the demonstrations from these event, check out the link below:



P.S. It is pronounced Birket, like Circuit! ?


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