Birket Engineering partners with the Garden Theatre

Winter Garden approves $100,000 in digital technology for Garden Theatre

Matthew J. PalmContact Reporter
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Congratulations to the Garden Theatre, which will receive $100,000 from the city of Winter Garden for a digital-technology program.The city approved the funding request Thursday night.

The theater says it already has lined up hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of donations in services and goods to enhance its May production of “Peter Pan.” Digital projections will augment the live action, including the famous flying sequences. That means the traditional  visible hoists and wires won’t be required.

The nonprofit Garden Theatre has partnered with local digital and technology companies including Nth Degree Design & Visual FX, Birket Engineering, Inc., Good theory Studios, Phoenix Rising, LLC, Christie, Candela Controls and Valencia College to bring this technology to the musical. The digital partners are providing the animation and visual special effects, projectionable surfaces, projectors, show controls, rigging, cables, servers and media.

Multiple projectors will bring 3D animated scenery and effects to the production, which will feature a special, curved screen that captures the images. The Garden’s goal? “When Peter, Wendy, Michael and John take flight, the audience will feel as if they have left their seats and joined them in a journey to Neverland,” the theater said in a news release.

With the installation of this new technology, the Garden Theatre venue will be a digitally immersive theatre, able to enhance other productions in the future. The city will also be able to use the special projectors for other projects as well, such as outdoor movies in the pavilion or digitally-mapped experiences on city hall. And best of all, Peter Pan will create memories for residents and visitors to last a lifetime.

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