• Birket is underway with new projects for Walt Disney World, Universal Studios Florida, and Resorts World Sentosa.


  • Birket completes control system design/build efforts for three Walt Disney Imagineering attractions and four mainland China rollercoasters.


  • Birket completes the ride and show control system design/build/install/commissioning efforts for eight attractions at Resorts World Sentosa.

February 2009

  • Birket Engineering and Birket Specialty Lighting move headquarters to new 19,000 sq. ft. historic downtown building in nearby Winter Garden, Florida. Building to house engineering and production operations.


  • Peter Pan's Neverland Adventure at USJ named as 14th Annual THEA Award Winner! Thanks Marcial Godoy, Jet Zaleski and Bob Harvey. Other Birket Engineering awards
  • New show control systems complete at Hard Rock Myrtle Beach.
  • Exhibit control system ships to Square Mile Studios
  • The San Tan Motorplex LightStripe installation is complete. See this awesome one-of-a-kind lighting effect using over 50,000 LEDs here.
  • Birket Engineering and RabbitFLEX Put a New Thrill Into Roller Coasters
  • Control panel fabrication complete for the world's #1 theme park.
  • Show control system hardware and software design complete for Hong Kong's #1 theme park.
  • New pyrotechnic effects delivered to Universal's Islands of Adventure.
  • Work completed for industrial automation in Daytona Beach.
  • Ride system effects complete in Osaka.
  • Large lighting project is completed at our China facilities for the world's #1 studio park.
  • Property-wide access control upgrades in progress for the world's #1 tourist destination are completed.
  • Attraction readiness study complete for an Orlando park.
  • From the Toto & Friends Producer at Universal Studios Japan: 'Congratulations on a successful soft opening day! It is only through your hard work and dedication to our show we were able to present four very entertaining and well executed shows to our guests'.
  • Enhancements complete for KGO-TV New York.
  • Peter Pan's Neverland Adventure opens 4/20/6 at Universal Studios Japan.
  • See Tim Swieter in the current issue of Entertainment Engineering.
  • Tim Swieter appears in the February 15, 2006 USA Today newspaper as one of the 'New Faces of Engineering'. Congratulations Tim!
  • LightNet a success in San Diego.
  • Show action systems are commissioned for a Paramount project.
  • Work is completed to enhance an Orlando LIM-launch coaster.
  • From Universal Studios Japan, "We finished the performances of the 3rd Water World Special Show on Sept.3.......Everyone's valuable knowledge and experience allowed us to finish the shows.....thanks to you all."
  • Work completes on a fountain controller for the world's No.1 tourist destination.
  • See the Summer 2005 issue of ESTA's Protocol for How to Follow NFPA1126 - and get hurt anyway, page 32.
  • Fear Factor Live opens at Universal Studios Hollywood.
  • Fear Factor Live opens at Universal Studios Florida.
  • See the June 2005 issue of necdigest for Article 519-Permanent Amusement Attractions, page 49. Content provided by necdigest, Kevin Shultz of Walt Disney World, Glenn Birket of Birket Engineering, and Joseph Maida of Maida Engineering.
  • Installation support is extended at a new Hong Kong theme park.
  • Park-wide control system installation for a major Hong Kong theme park, completed April '05.
  • Controls assembly for an Orlando attraction.
  • Effect control design for a diversified worldwide entertainment company.
  • Flying automation control system design & installation for a major Broadway show.
  • See our systems in Tokyo DisneySea's BraviSEAmo! article, November 2004, Lighting Dimensions.
  • Upgrades to a classic Orlando-area attraction's animation.
  • Upgrades to the Cherry Lake Tree Farm irrigation control system.
  • See us in the October ED/LD E*Wire.
  • See Wolf! Meaningful Messages and Alarming Alarms, written by Daniel Birket BSE, in ESTA Protocol, Summer 2004 issue
  • Controls design and installation for two LIM-launched coasters, new for 2004.
  • Universal Studios Florida holds Grand Opening of 'Revenge of the Mummy'.
  • Birket Engineering now belongs to the Iconics System Integrator Program. Thanks Brian!
  • Strobe-Brik systems for Osaka and Vegas.
  • Show control system assembly for a new Orlando-area attraction.
  • Conveyor control system design on an Orlando-area water ride.
  • Filter control system production for Pall Filter.
  • Strobe-Brik systems are completed for projects in Tokyo, Mexico, Germany, Orlando, and Kansas City.
  • Show control installation is completed on the new 'Sirens of TI' spectacular for Treasure Island at the Mirage in Las Vegas.
  • Console assembly is completed for an Orlando-area thrill attraction.
  • System integration is wrapped up for the 'Real Hollywood Stunt Show', open May 29, 2003 at Warner Brothers Movie World Germany.
  • System consulting for a major Japanese theme park.
  • Life-safety control system installation for Warner Brothers Movie World Madrid's 'Leathal Weapon Stunt Show'.
  • Life-safety parade float control system installation for a major Japanese theme park.
  • Set-piece control system installation for a major Orlando-area show.
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