inThrall Captioning Solution

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Don’t Just Impress Your Guests…inThrall them!

Enabling guests with a hearing impairment or language barrier to be fully immersed in the attraction experience.

birket engineering, inc. has partnered with disney synclink technology

Birket Engineering, Inc. has partnered with Walt Disney Parks & Resorts to utilize Disney SyncLink technology and Alcorn McBride, Inc. to create a unique solution for guests with hearing disabilities, allowing all guests to enjoy the attraction at it’s fullest. inThrall is an enabling technology that allows immersive environments to be made more accessible to all guests by displaying the audio as text using Augmented Reality glasses. Guests simply request the device based on their needs.

Currently inThrall has the capabilities to enable three features:
Closed Captioning of the entire attraction or park (including queue line), and all announcements and safety spiels.
Audio Description of the visual aspects of an entire attraction or park (including queue lines), in any language.
Language Translation of all dialog elements into the guest’s native language.

how it works

inThrall is the application that connects show control devices like the Alcorn McBride V16x to smart glasses such as Vuzix. inThrall lowers the barrier to entry by connecting already existing infrastructure to these new tools, making them simple and accessible, both quickly and effectively. Very little additional equipment is needed for inThrall to operate, all that is required is some form of show control, WiFi, and power to charge the devices.

A blank screen is displayed when no captioning is necessary, allowing the guests to see the attraction without any obstructions. The captioning data is added alongside the audio tracks timeline, creating a seamless guest experience.

Other entertainment locations besides the theme park industry can benefit from inThrall. Venues such as theaters and museums can utilize inThrall to help even more guests share experiences.

We hope to see inThrall grow in a way that creates accessibility for all guests!

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